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ACCA Manual S

  • How do you guarantee your equipment will reduce or produce the required Btuh?
  • How do you know the air handler will provide adequate airflow to all rooms?
  • Are you using the AHRI data to select your equipment?

For years, many have believed that residential HVAC equipment selection was based on Manual J only. In other words, a Manual J cooling load of 30,000 Btuh would require a 2.5-ton air conditioner, correct?(1)

That would be incorrect!


Manual S - Residential Equipment Solutions

The second step to correctly designing and limiting your liability is following the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual S – Residential Equipment Selection. The Manual J is used to only calculate the heating and cooling loads. The current, nationally recognized Manual J (8th Edition) instructs HVAC system designers (Section 10-4) to use the Manual S – Residential Equipment Selection in order to select equipment that is the properly sized for Btuh and airflow.

Additionally, Manuals S and J are both required per the 2009-2015 International Residential Code (IRC):

“Heating and cooling equipment shall be sized in accordance with ACCA Manual S based on building loads calculated in accordance with ACCA Manual J or other approved heating and cooling calculation methodologies.”

At Enerlogic, our experienced, trained professionals provide accurate, independent, third-party HVAC systems design of your clients’ HVAC systems. We help you select the correct equipment to ensure quality and comfort for increased client satisfaction.

For more information, download the ACCA Manual S Brochure, which includes a checklist.

Our staff at Enerlogic would be happy to assist you with all of your ACCA Manual J load calculation and ACCA Manual S equipment selection questions and provide both design and installation verification services in a timely manner.

(1) http://contractingbusiness.com/archive/introduction-acca-manual-s

At Enerlogic we would be happy to answer all of your HVAC System design questions and provide you with design services in a timely manner.

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