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ACCA Manual D – Duct System Design and Layout

At Enerlogic, we strive to increase occupant satisfaction and reduce your overhead by providing your Manual D duct design, along with a clearly detailed layout drawing. By doing so, we provide everything you installers need to correctly install the system, the first time.

Are your clients comfortable, or are they experiencing any of these problems?

  • Rooms too warm or too cool.
  • Air velocity too high (drafty), causing discomfort for people while they sleep, eat or read.
  • Air velocity too high (noisy), drowning out conversations or TV programs.
  • Air velocity too slow, causing the conditioned air to not circulate or mix well in the room.
  • Fans or circuitry failing sooner than expected.
  • Furnace or air conditioner safety devices stopping equipment operation.
  • Pressure imbalances between zones or rooms, increasing noise or a lack of conditioning when interior doors are closed.

If so, we can help you solve these issues, resulting in happier clients and reduced warranty costs.


For your clients to be comfortable, a duct system must be designed to carry the correct amount of air, at the correct speed and into the correct room. If the ducts are the wrong size, then the wrong amount of air will enter the rooms.

We provide a complete ACCA Manual D – Duct System Design report with a clearly detailed schematic drawing of the equipment and duct system, overlaid onto your building plan that includes the location and size of:

  • Trunk lines
  • Branch ducts
  • Outlet registers
  • Inlet grilles

Our approach ensures that your technicians install the equipment and duct system as designed, saving you time and effort.


If you choose to utilize our full Duct Design Layout package, our report includes a clearly detailed schematic drawing of the duct system overlaid on your building plan, including return and supply location and size of:

  • Trunk-lines,
  • Branch ducts,
  • Outlet registers, and
  • Inlet grilles.

This provides your installers a clearly defined image with details to insure the design is completed correctly in the field. It also allows your field staff the ability to confirm the installation was done correctly, by simply comparing the drawing to the actual installation.

Our staff at Enerlogic would be happy to assist you with all of your ACCA Manual J, S, D and T questions and provide you with both design and installation verification services in a timely manner.

Residential Duct Layout Plan

At Enerlogic we would be happy to answer all of your HVAC System design questions and provide you with design services in a timely manner.

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