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ACCA Manual S-Equipment Selection

Once our Enerlogic professionals complete your Manual J load calculation, they will have the information required to accurately select the proper HVAC equipment. Our equipment selection is based on the equipment manufacturer’s performance criteria, including:

  • Total capacity to remove heat (sensible) and moisture (latent) from the air
  • Total capacity (Btuh) of delivered air
  • External Static Pressure (ESP) at which the system is capable of producing

It is important to abide by these performance criteria because one manufacturer’s four-ton equipment may perform significantly better or worse than another manufacturer’s four-ton equipment. Additionally, a four-ton system installed in Chicago will perform differently from the identical four-ton system installed in Houston.


At Enerlogic, we follow four steps to select your cooling equipment using ACCA Manual S:

  1. Determine the design parameters (Manual J load and Manual S table).
  2. Estimate the target airflow [Manual J/Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR)].
  3. Search for equipment [Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) expanded performance data].
  4. Evaluate and select the appropriate equipment (based on CFM, latent and sensible capacity).


We determine the equipment you will need based on the following ACCA Manual S equipment-sizing values:

  • Cooling equipment selection is limited to 115 percent of the total Manual J cooling load (latent and sensible).
  • Heating equipment selection is limited to:
    • 140 percent of the Manual J heating load for standard equipment (gas/electric).
    • 115 percent of the Manual J heating load for heat pumps.

Our staff at Enerlogic would be happy to assist you with all of your ACCA Manual J load calculation and ACCA Manual S equipment selection questions and provide both design and installation verification services in a timely manner.

At Enerlogic we would be happy to answer all of your HVAC System design questions and provide you with design services in a timely manner.

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