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What can I expect from a commercial comprehensive energy audit?

The objectives of a comprehensive energy audit from Enerlogic are to identify and develop modifications that will reduce the energy use and/or cost of operating a building. The results will be presented in a format that will provide the information needed by an owner or operator to decide if any, some, or all of the recommended modifications should be implemented. Enerlogic strictly follows the procedures and protocols established by ASHRAE and the US Department of Energy.

Does Enerlogic offer different types of commercial comprehensive energy audits?

Yes, Enerlogic offers two levels of commercial comprehensive energy audits.

Commercial Energy Audit Level 1 – Walk-Through Analysis

A level 1 energy analysis will identify and provide a savings and cost analysis of low-cost/no-cost measures. It will also locate applicable rebates and tax credits. A level 1 energy analysis includes:

  • Assess energy cost and efficiency of building by analyzing energy bills
  • Conduct on-site survey of the building (interior and exterior)
  • Review lighting and HVAC components
  • Comprehensive thermal scan to determine thermal boundary deficiencies and unknown leaks

Commercial Energy Audit Level 2 – Energy Survey and Analysis

A level 2 analysis includes everything in the level 1 analysis plus a more detailed building survey and energy efficiency study of capital intensive components through a more thorough date collection and engineering analysis in order to determine potential costs and savings on improvements. Additionally a level 2 energy analysis will provide a breakdown of the energy use within the building and will indentify and provide the savings and cost analysis of all practical measures that meet the owner’s constraints and economic criteria, along with a discussion of any changes to operation and maintenance procedures.

What are the benefits of a commercial comprehensive energy audit?

Analysis of two or more years of utility consumption and cost, review of building plans, and a walk-through of the building itself to establish:

The type of building and its principal use versus actual use, and actual area (ft2) of space that is used

  • A cost index: $/ft2 per year
  • An annual energy use kBtu/ft2 per year (Energy Utilization Index)
  • The breakdown of various spaces within the building by function, hours of use, and area
  • If efficiency may be affected by building functions that differ from the original functional intent of the building
  • If any maintenance problems or practices may affect efficiency
  • A comparison of energy and cost indices of the building with one or more databases
  • The potential cost savings from the installation of renewable energy sources

Description and analysis of the energy-using systems of the building, resulting from on-site observation, measurement and engineering of the following:

  • Building hot water systems
  • HVAC & controls
  • Process systems
  • Envelope
  • Lighting
  • Laundry
  • Common areas
  • Utility providers & rates
  • Other applicable systems

Provide an understandable analysis of findings and observations that will show:

  • Breakdown of the components of annual energy use and cost
  • Recommend energy conservation measures, including predicted savings and cost to implement
  • A description and cost estimate of repairs that are needed in order for energy conservation measures to be effective
  • A description and cost estimate of measurement and verification methods needed to determine the actual effectiveness of measures
  • Energy analysis summary that includes, present energy use and cost, ultimate target for energy use and cost, savings from recommended measures, and comparison of current recommendations to ultimate target

Do both types of audits include a thermo graphic infrared scan?

Yes, both Level 1 and Level 2 audits include a thermo graphic infrared scan.

How long will the audit take?

An audit will generally take about 1 hour per 1000 Sqft of space.

Do I need to be present during the inspection?

It is a good idea to have a site manager or decision maker present during the audit since education on building efficiency and energy usage is a large portion of this service. The auditor will also have questions to ask.

Am I required to implement recommendations?

Absolutely not, the recommendations are the solutions to the areas of your commercial property that are not as efficient as they could be as found in the audit. You can implement them all or just choose one or a few.

What if I have questions after the inspection?

Please feel free to contact us after the inspection. We will gladly help you any questions you might have and with the list of recommendations that are provided with the report after your commercial comprehensive energy audit.

How much do the different level commercial comprehensive energy audits cost?

Level 1 Audit – Base fee of $200 plus $0.25/SqftLevel 2 Audit – Base fee of $200 plus $0.35/SqftAdditional fee for buildings with unique designs may apply.

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